About Me

When I'm not exploring the streets of places in my backyard, such as Boston and Cambridge, buying semolina, fennel, anise and a slice of real Italian pizza in the North End, haggling with the vendors at Haymarket, or just watching the seagulls by the ocean, you'd most likely be find me somewhere - anywhere - reading.. or painting furniture... or baking some homemade bread, always in the company of my canine loved ones. Fall and winter are my favorite New England seasons - the cooler weather is perfect for curling up with a hot cup of freshly roasted coffee, a bowl of soup, a piece of hot bread - sharing a piece of bread with my canine companions, of course.

From the first time I realized that words put together formed sentences, reading has been nearly as important as breathing for me. One of my favorite reading spots back in those early days was the grand, old, historic Malden Public Library. This type of old library seems to be a symbol of days gone by - hopefully these icons of yesteryear will stay with us throughout the digital age.

Libraries (like the old grand Malden one) were the setting for excursions with my little ones (now all grown up). I have fond memories of bringing my children there, and to other libraries, returning home with boxes, filled to the brim with books that took us far away in lands and times undiscovered. My youngest, Noelle, (now in nursing school and engaged to be married) still secretly harbors resentment towards the Boston Globe for attention stolen from her younger self.

This blog is just for my ramblings about important things (mostly people and canines) in my life. Join me if you like.

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